About Sigfreid

"Opportunities come to those who wait; yet , they are captured by those who dare to attack."

My Story

Just an ordinary individual. My story is seldom told. I value privacy. I want myself to be judged by my work, and not what I present my self to anyone. Thus, my life is just a page in a book. The story [of my life] will be narrated by what is written in those pages. Res ipsa loquitur.

Personal Life

My existence has started like a tabularasa. No knowledge. Nothing. Just purity. However, as i go along with life, thought, ideas, learning, and experience ensued. These particulars have stained a once blank canvas. 

Sigfreid Savant

No one, except you, can help yourself.

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"I think; therefore, I exist."

Value your Life, value yourself, and emphatize....

You are your own man. You charter your own destiny. Every decision or step you make during your existence will have an impact on you, whether trivial or gargantuan. Sometimes, these decisions will also affect others. Hence, it goes without saying that everyone of us have a free hand in what we do. Yet, your right ends when somebody’s right will also begin, besides the law stepping in. Then, you will know the significance of empathy.